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 ====== TalksTalksTalks ====== ====== TalksTalksTalks ======
-We will publish the schedule on this site.+We will publish the schedule on this site as soon as it is completed (at the initial meet-up).
-===== SS2020 Initial Meet-Up ===== +^Day ^Date       ^Topic                              ^SuperUser ^Location        ^ 
-As every semester, we will meet at 'Pizzeria Europa' to discuss the upcoming semester-schedule.+|Thu |2020-04-23 |Inital Meetup SS2020               |         |[[|Online]]| 
 +|Thu |2020-04-30 |ToolsToolsTools                    |         |[[|Online]]| 
 +|Thu |2020-05-07 |Fun with <del>Flags</del>Video     |4censord |[[|Online]]| 
 +|Thu |2020-05-14 |Game Jam mit Game Maker Studio 2   |tunahead |[[|Online]]| 
 +|Thu |2020-05-21 |//» No talk due to holiday «//                                                                                 | 
 +|Thu |2020-05-28 |Low Budget Smart Home              |DerHemer |[[|Online]]| 
 +|Thu |2020-06-04 |Everything with Ceph               |4censord |[[|Online]]| 
 +|Thu |2020-06-11 |//» No talk due to holiday «//                                                                                 | 
 +|Thu |2020-06-18 |Salt(y) VM Management              |David    |[[|Online]]| 
 +|Thu |2020-06-25 |Desktop Publishing Toolchain (OSS) |weberval |[[|Online]]| 
 +|Thu |2020-07-02 |Einführung zu OpenShift            |matze    |[[|Online]]| 
 +|Thu |2020-07-09 |<del>(Locomotive) Basic</del>      |<del>weberval</del> |<del>FU C2.16</del>                                                             | 
 +|Thu |2020-07-16 |Pimp my x86 / Lightning Talks      |         |[[|Online]]|
-But don't worry, although we encourage everyone to do so, nobody is forced to do a talk. 
-**All creatures welcome!** 
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