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The talk time is back to 19:00
Talks can be joined online or visited in person. The online option may be discontinued at a later point, refer to the news post for details.

Date Topic SuperUser Location
Thu 2022-03-24 Vermischtes / Links,links,links Online
Thu 2022-03-31 Spaß mit Ad-Hoc Netzen NightDice C2.16 or Online
Thu 2022-04-07 Best of GHB thesimbl & thefabi C2.16 or Online
Thu 2022-04-14 Locomotive BASIC » Cancelled due to scheduling conflict « weva C2.16
Thu 2022-04-21 Considerations for Infra at scale 4censored C2.16 or Online
Thu 2022-04-28 Custom PowerDNS-Backend Skelett C2.16 or Online
Thu 2022-05-05 Esoteric programming languages NightDice C2.16 or Online
Thu 2022-05-12 Legacy Code Thunahead C2.16 or Online
Wed 2022-05-18 Irgendwas mit Containern - Release 2022.1 Holger C2.16 or Online
Thu 2022-05-26 » No talk due to holiday «
Thu 2022-06-02 Eigene Notiz-Tools/Wie schreibt man Notizen maxim C2.16 or Online
Thu 2022-06-09 Are you losing data? Domenic Online
Thu 2022-06-16 » No talk due to holiday «
Thu 2022-06-23 Zero Trust weva C2.16 or Online
Thu 2022-06-30 Lightning Talks all C2.16 or Online


Please note that the day of the week has changed compared to previous semesters!

Date Topic SuperUser Location
Mon 2021-10-18 Vermischtes / Tools, tools, tools Online
Mon 2021-10-25 Von der ROM zur Musik maxim Online
Mon 2021-11-01 » No talk due to holiday «
Mon 2021-11-08 (D)DoS aus Sicht des Angreifers 4censord Online
Mon 2021-11-15 (D)DoS aus Sicht des Verteidigers 4censord Online
Mon 2021-11-22 BGP: Internet für Anfänger 4censord Online
Mon 2021-11-29 Rubik's Kube 4censord Online
Mon 2021-12-06 » No talk due to holiday «
Mon 2021-12-13 Irgendwas mit Containern Holger Online
Mon 2021-12-20 Lustiges Implementieren von RFCs sascha Online
Mon 2021-12-27 » No talk due to holiday «
Mon 2022-01-03 » No talk due to holiday «
Mon 2022-01-10 FOG: Grauen des Nebels thesimbl, Franzi Online
Mon 2022-01-17 Spaß mit Mesh-Netzen NightDice Online
Mon 2022-01-24 Lightning Talks Online


Date Topic SuperUser Location
Thu 2021-03-25 Initial Meetup SS21 Online
Thu 2021-04-01 Obskure Linuxtools maxim Online
Thu 2021-04-08 Propagating UnFUG Infrastructure weberval Online
Thu 2021-04-15 Keiner mag Mathe – Mathics DasBen Online
Thu 2021-04-22 20:00Terraforming servers 4censord Online
Thu 2021-04-29 20:00Wir brauchen eure Mikros nicht! – In der Welt der Werbealgorithmen NightDice Online
Thu 2021-05-06 20:00 Container für den Linuxadmin: Eine Einführung 4censord Online
Thu 2021-05-13 » No talk due to holiday «
Thu 2021-05-20 20:00Container Orchestation 4censord Online
Thu 2021-05-27 » No talk due to holiday «
Thu 2021-06-03 » No talk due to holiday «
Thu 2021-06-10 20:00Software-Defined Networking Tim Online
Thu 2021-06-17 20:00VI(DE)M Online
Thu 2021-06-24 20:00Run, forest, run! sascha Online
Thu 2021-07-01 20:00Irgendwas mit Containern Holger Online


Date Topic SuperUser Location
Thu 2020-10-15 Inital Meetup WS2021 Online
Thu 2020-10-22 ToolsToolsTools Online
Thu 2020-10-29 Gone Phishing – Wie man seine Nutzer trainiert gephisht zu werden NightDice Online
Thu 2020-11-05 FOG – Nebel des Grauens – Deployen von Windows Tim, weberval, 4censordOnline
Thu 2020-11-12 DIY Netflix Sascha Online
Thu 2020-11-19 Teil 1: Geoinformationssysteme Tim Online
Thu 2020-11-19 Teil 2: Static Analysis Maxim Online
Thu 2020-11-26 Fun with Flags SDR thesimbl Online
Thu 2020-12-03 Irgendwas mit Containern Holger Online
Thu 2020-12-10 Audio Toolchain auf linux David, Maxim, 4censordOnline
Thu 2020-12-17 nixos matze Online
Thu 2020-12-24 » No talk due to holiday «
Thu 2020-12-31 » No talk due to holiday «
Thu 2021-01-07 federated communication (matrix) weberval Online
Thu 2021-01-14 State of OpenSource Microsoft thesimbl Online
Thu 2021-01-21 Wikipedia Mining Tim & Maxim Online
Thu 2021-01-28 Pimp my x86 / Lightning Talks Online


Date Topic SuperUser Location
Thu 2020-04-23 Inital Meetup SS2020 Online
Thu 2020-04-30 ToolsToolsTools Online
Thu 2020-05-07 Fun with FlagsVideo 4censord Online
Thu 2020-05-14 Game Jam mit Game Maker Studio 2 tunahead Online
Thu 2020-05-21 » No talk due to holiday «
Thu 2020-05-28 Low Budget Smart Home DerHemer Online
Thu 2020-06-04 Everything with Ceph 4censord Online
Thu 2020-06-11 » No talk due to holiday «
Thu 2020-06-18 Salt(y) VM Management David Online
Thu 2020-06-25 Desktop Publishing Toolchain (OSS) weberval Online
Thu 2020-07-02 Einführung zu OpenShift matze Online
Thu 2020-07-09 (Locomotive) Basic weberval FU C2.16
Thu 2020-07-16 Pimp my x86 / Lightning Talks Online
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